Daddy’s Home

We have had a pretty good couple of months.  Ryan came home just as Lynli turned 3 months.  AND just as she started sleeping through the nights.  It has been great that she is more on a schedule now.  She take a nap in the AM and one or sometimes two in the afternoon before she goes down for the night. 

She rolls over all the time now and she has found her toes.  She loves to have them up by her face whether she is just grabbing her toes or grabbing them in order to put them in her mouth. Yummy!  She likes to know what’s going on around her so if you’re holding her she better be facing out or she’ll whip her head around to see.  She’s been teething off and on for about 3 weeks now, I think.  But we have yet to see any teeth. 

She is going to the doctor this week so we will soon have an update on how big she is.   I can tell you this much she is LONG and SKINNY!

Just Pictures…

We went to Lynli’s 8 week appt on Saturday.  She got 4 shots and did GREAT!  She weighs 12lbs 4oz (75 percentile) and is 24.5in long (97 percentile)!  Tall and Lanky like her daddy.  The Dr. said she would be surprised if Lynli is shorter than me. (Poor Kid)

She’s been in Day Care for 2 weeks now and is doing great there as far as I know.  They haven’t kicked us out yet. 

Here are the latest pics…

6 Weeks

Not much to update…But I always have new pics to add.  Ryan is in New Jersey to finish out the season (probably til the end of September).  For now it is just Me and Lynli.  I start school (in service) on Monday, so, Yes, that means at 7 Weeks Old Lynli starts her first day of Day Care.  SAD! 


Lynli at 1 Month

We’ve done so much over the last 4 weeks.  A few days after we got home from the hospital Ryan had to go back to Nebraska to play ball.  Mom was with me for another week and a half. Then, Lynli, Mom, Dad and I left to go see Ryan in Wichita.  Yes, Lynli went to 3 baseball games by the time she was 3 weeks old!  When the team left so did we and drove back to Tulsa and stayed for a week.  I wasn’t ready to be a single mother yet…I still needed my mom around.  At the end of our stay in Tulsa, Ryan was released from his team and was able come home with us.  We’ve been home for 5 days, our perfect little family.   Now, Ryan leaves Wednesday to go play ball in New Jersey for the rest of the season.  And finally, I will be that single mother that no one ever wishes to be.  

Ryan was able to go to Lynli’s 1Month Dr. visit with us today.  She was 22.5inches (95th percentile) and 10lbs. 8.5oz. (90th percentile).  Again, not really a surprise that she’s on top of the spectrum there. 🙂  She got one immunization today…and will get 4 next month!  One was tough…4 seems CRAZY!  

Until Next Time…enjoy pics!

And she HATED her first bath!!!

2 Week Dr. Visit

Mom and I took Lynli for her 2 week check up today.  She did so good…and so did Lynli. 🙂  They had to prick Lynli’s heel and take blood samples.  It took a long time and the lady had to squeeze the blood out of Lynli’s heel.  Mom didn’t like watching that. 🙂  But Lynli and I did well.  They measured Lynli at 22inches (95th Percentile!) and 9lbs 7oz (90th percentile).  But I guess I’m not surprised.  Anyway, all that to say this, Lynli did a great job at the Dr.’s office.  She likes riding in her carseat and is usually pretty content in there. 

We still plan on leaving Thursday to go to Tulsa and Wichita to see her Daddy play ball.  Anxious to see how that goes.